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Following the demand for a commercial conversion talk on our online Developers Network events, Lloyd Girardi & Andi Cooke looked back on the deals they have done and realised that they have done many commercial conversions. The have been so focused on new builds and helping people get started as a new build developer that commercial conversions were kept in the background.


Their £25,375,000 development portfolio to date consists of the following deals;

 Residential Conversions (HMO's) - £1,575,000
 Commercial Conversions - £9,520,000
 New Build Developments - £14,280,000

They would like to show YOU how you too can complete a commercial conversion & have put together an 8 week training syllabus.

There are now SO many more commercial conversion opportunities n YOUR high street with the fallout of the COVID pandemic expected to hit & the implementation of new permitted development rights in August 2021!

There has never been a better time to take advantage of the opportunities out there!


When is each module available?


March 1st - Module 1

March 8th - Module 2

March 15th - Module 3

March 22nd - Module 4

March 29th - Module 5

April 5th - Module 6

April 12th - Module 7

April 19th - Module 8

The modules will be made available from the above dates.

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Step-by-Step Education

The weekly modules allow you time to action what you've learnt throughout the accelerator

Find, Analyse, Set Up & Convert

We will show you exactly how it's done from start to finish - you will wonder why you've not taken on a commercial conversion before!


Fully Supported Templates and Essential Documents 

Use the documents and templates provided to help you throughout your conversion

Module 1

Overview - Finding Commercial Deals

  • Why commercial conversions?
  • Benefits / constraints
  • What the opportunities are now
  • How to find conversion deals

Module 2

Using Permitted Development Rights To Your Advantage

  • Discover what Change of Use is (Quick Wins)
  • How to deal with the planning process

Module 3

Build Costs - Site Set Up

  • Discover the costs involved in a conversion
  • Specifications of your conversion
  • Health & Safety / Traffic Management etc.
  • Service connections & dealing with utilities

Module 4

Analysing Deals

  • How to appraise your conversions
  • Understanding the full costs

Module 5

Funding Your Conversions

  • How to fund your conversion
  • How to obtain 100% conversion finance
  • Working with investors

Module 6

On Site - Conversion Process

  • Schedule of works
  • Build programme
  • Warranties
  • Building regulations and control

Module 7

Tax Strategies and Benefits

  • Reducing your VAT
  • Disapplying your VAT
  • Utilising tax strategies to maximise profits

Module 8

Exit Stratgies

  • Convert to Rent
  • Convert to Sell
  • Working with agents

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